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Tired of trying out different notebook lifters and laptop holders? But still, you couldn’t prevent yourself from being a victim of arm and neck fatigue?

The immense office work might also drain your laptop battery. Do you happen to recharge your laptop now and then? That’s frustrating!

What if we propose just one solution to all these problems?

ZVIEW is a creatively built product designed for holding and placing laptops while working. It takes care of all the hassles, you get a power cable, power adaptor, and 15W wireless fast charging alongside.

So, you never have to sit in that uncomfortable position again that kept asking you to hold work.

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Notebook lifter: A safe and rigid stand for notebooks and laptops. Featuring a wide platform supporting up to 15 inches of a notebook. With a space of 219mm (8.62 inches) in length and 266mm (10.5 inches) in width. Its efficient design allows the stand to be remotely used anywhere with comfort.

Anti-Slip and Support: Rubber strips are vertically allocated on the surface of the platform to keep the notebook/laptop in place. Landing support is designed at the end of the platform to minimize the chances of falling.
3 Angle Adjustable Stand: The notebook lifter has three angles of adjustments. Changeable and customizable according to different heights, enabling you to compromise it conferring to your preferences. The lifter can reach up to a height of 199mm (7.83 inches) and get lower to 80mm (1.96 inches). With tilt compatibility from 4 degrees flat to 60 degrees forward.

Handle grip: Especially drafted surface by the end of the ZVIEW to lift and carry it around. Also, the handle can be used for adjustment purposes.

Wireless Charging: A wireless charging module is fitted in the center of the notebook lifter. It is a MagS-Magnetic 15W fast charge wireless charger which comes with a 1.2m USB-C to USB-C Power Cable and a USB-C Power Adaptor. Providing you with easy and direct access to charging compatibility.

4 Bar-Linkage and Cable Management: Inbuilt self-counter balancing mechanism which adjusts accordingly to the weight of the notebook or laptop. Along with its sides are cylindrical compartments, called cable management clips, having enough space to keep wires and cables behind the notebook.

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