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ZHub is a simple, inexpensive dual video dock that includes (2) USB-A Charging ports, (2) HDMI Video ports and an Ethernet connection. The USB ports can be used for data charging off your laptop. Zhub with Power includes a USB-C Power cable, which allows you to charge from an outlet.

Zhub’s size make it perfect for portable use as it tool-lessly slides off and on from its bracket for easy mobility. Zhub’s patented Top-Down Clamp secures to the surface from above the desk.

The ZHub comes in 3 colors (black, white and silver) to match the monitor arm Metal Finish color.


*Click Body Color, then Side Panel Color to View Arm Color Selected

**Click on the Infinite Designer to specify your monitor arm in any color, design, logo, label, QR code or any other graphic.

Click here to download UVIO broucher
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Technology Products Specifications


  • Upstream input to host:

    USB-C full feature, USB-3.1Gen 1

  • Power Delivery pass through:

    USB-C, 60W max for notebook charging

  • Downstream data ports:

    2x USB-3.1 Gen1,
    Combine 5V, 0.6A max (without PD pass through)
    Combine 5V, 1.0A max (with PD pass through)

  • LAN port:

    RJ45 Gigabit port (10M/100M/1000M)
    Connection: Green and Amber
    Active: Green blinking

  • Downstream video out ports:

    1x HDMI (3840x2160p max, 30Hz)
    2x HDMI (1920x1080p max 60Hz)
    Note: 2xhdmi cannot be displayed with Mac OS as Displayport Multistream is not supported.

  • System Requirements:

    Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (32bit/64bit),
    Mac OS: V10.12.6
    Note: It is recommended to use Windows 10 as USB-C is native to windows 10 System

  • Temperature Range:

    Range Operating 0°C to 35°C / Non-operating Storage: -20°C to 60°C

  • Relative Humidity:

    Operating : 10% to 80%(non condensing) / Non Operating Storage: 5% to 90%(non condensing

  • Clamp Thickness Range:


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