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Monitor Handle


Monitor Handle Provides More Intuitive Adjustment.

Providing adjustability alone won’t necessarily promote adjustment. Even the easiest moving monitor arms are not adjusted because it takes effort to reach both your hands up, grasp the one or two monitors and move them up and down for height and forward and back for depth; and users often don’t bother to make these important adjustments, which impairs their performance.

With Zgo’s Monitor Handle, workers can walk up to any desk, grasp the handle with just one hand and instantly personalize the desk to their physical requirements by easily moving the arm up and down to accommodate their height and in and out for their eyesight – in one motion.

A Monitor Handle is the key to instant, intuitive adjustment that users will adjust without even thinking.

Especially critical in shared-desking environments, the Monitor Handle, ensures that users can optimize their computing experience regardless of how the monitor was left by the prior user.


*Click Body Color, then Side Panel Color to View Arm Color Selected

**Click on the Infinite Designer to specify your monitor arm in any color, design, logo, label, QR code or any other graphic.

Not sure which arm to choose?
View our monitor planning guide

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