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EZ Access


The ez access cable management is a sleek, simple and extremely functional way to de-clutter your workspace, manage your cables and power supplies while making your office environment cleaner, neater and more comfortable.

Ez access is unique in that it has a large capacity trough that easily pivots and stays in that position to load during installation. When completed, it simply guides back to its original position and locks into place.

Ez access comes in any size required, as standard. Just specify your length in 1″ increments up to 59″. Any size ships quickly, with no long custom lead-time.

Additionally, offers two different positions under the surface for multiple cables to enter and exit: the top position provides a 2” gap between the top of the cable trough and the surface. The lower position offers a 3¼” gap.

Heavy-duty ABS, PVC and metal provides maximum durability and long-lasting reliability in any office application.


*Click Body Color, then Side Panel Color to View Arm Color Selected

**Click on the Infinite Designer to specify your monitor arm in any color, design, logo, label, QR code or any other graphic.

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