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Zgo Technologies, is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance ergonomic products with a primary focus on improving the use of technology in the officeplace. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and with facilities around the globe, Zgo Technologies makes the use of today’s technology more efficient, more effective, and more comfortable, which greatly improves the performance of the workstation and the employees that use them. Our tagline conveys the fundamental principle of all our products: Optimal Performance, Infinite Design, as we blend state-of-the-art workstation performance with exciting new design elements. The combination offers a new, groundbreaking solution to contemporary workstation design in which we rely more on technology but also focus on corporate design and internal branding.

The increased performance you get with Zgo is a result of our concentration on Workspace Technology, the design discipline that focuses on providing worktools designed to promote the most effective use of technology in the workstation.

On the design side, Zgo’s Monitor Arms can be customized with any color, design, logo, label, or signage. For the very first time, the Monitor Arm itself can be added into the workstation design process, adding to the internal design that has been so painstakingly crafted.

Together, the increased performance and the customized design offers the perfect blend of form and functionality. Zgo provides designers with the ability to design a better performing, complete workstation system that looks like a complete workstation system.

Zgo’ owns various patents that offer exclusive solutions to improving the working experience. Only Zgo can offer Slide-On Integrated Docking Stations at the base of monitor arms that saves space and eliminates all desktop cable clutter. Zgo boasts the widest counterbalance weight range to support up to 40” monitors with the same monitor arm. Zgo uniquely offers full monitor-to-base cable management through the entire arm. Zgo also provides a Top-Down Clamp Mount that is the only mount that installs from above the desk to support desk thicknesses up to 2”. Zgo also provides an optional monitor handle for every monitor, which makes monitor adjustment more intuitive so that employees will adjust more and be more comfortable as a result, specifically with the increase in shared desking.