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Next Level Monitor Arm Design

Design with Purpose

Promote Your Brand Externally

Promote Your Brand Internally

Design a Complete Workstation That LOOKS like a complete workstation

The Perfect Blend of Form and Function

Introducing Two New Groundbreaking Elements of Workstation Design:

Workspace Technology

The design methodology that focuses solely on the most
effective use of technology in the workstation.

Infinite Designer

A Step-by-Step Online Configuration and 3D Visualization Tool that easily specifies all required worktools and customizes monitor arm with any color, logo, signage, or design.

Optimal Performance and Workspace Technology

The Application of Workspace Technology Turns This Typical Workstation

Into a Cleaner, Better Performing Workstation, Designed to Best Use Today’s Technology

The Key Element of Workspace Technology:

The Integrated Dock, Which Eliminates ALL Desktop Cables and Saves Space

How Integrated Docking Eliminates ALL Desktop Cables

  • 1) All Monitor Cables (24′ with 2 monitors) routed and hidden through entire arm.
  • 2) Cables are then routed directly behind desk.
  • 3) Monitor Cables then plugged into rear of dock, power cables down to outlet.

Workspace Technology Optimizes Workstation Performance by

  • Allowing All Employees to Instantly Personalize the Workstation to Their Physical Requirements
  • Allowing Employees to Instantly Connect their Notebooks to the Station Monitors
  • Provides a Completely Empty Worksurface with the Space to Work in The Most Productive Way Possible

Infinite Design and

Where Design Meets Technology

A step-by-step process that simplifies the critical elements of today’s workstation

Provides 3 Primary Benefits to Contemporary Workstation Design:

1) Easily Specifies the Most
Appropriate Worktools

2) Easily Customizes Any
Design Element

3) Easily Integrates All Your Technology Needs

And, Of Course, You Can Still Have it With Traditional Color Options

The Possiblities are Endless